Workshop on Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of waste

youth poster

Hipsters of Nature believes that religious bodies can play important roles in environmental stewardship. In view of this, Hipsters of Nature is collaborating with Global Peace Christian center at Old Ashongman to mentor children into waste ambassadors in their homes, schools and communities.

We have a pretty exciting  line up of activities including recycled art crafts , urban gardening  and entrepreneurship workshops. The workshop will be led by a guest facilitator,  Genevieve Quarshie who is a fashion designer and an entrepreneur.

Where : Global peace Christian Center, Ablor Adjei Paint House, Old Ashongman.

Time : 11pm


We can run workshops  tailored for young people , schools,  corporate institutions and universities.

For more information, please email or call Beatrice on  +233 243901994 or Divine on +233 209598897.


”Your workshop with the kids was great and amazing, we would like you to come back to Keta again continue with them ” CEO OF MEET ME THERE ECOLODGE, Keta.

Hipsters of Nature Youth Engagement and leadership workshop

Hipsters of Nature believes that the youth of Ghana can participate  actively in environmental sustainability if environmental message is presented  to them in a more attractive way.


Workshop with students on urban gardening in sacs

We inspire other young people to jump into the awesome world of environmental volunteering. We are passionate about designing youth environmental educational programmes  that  connects young people to their real life experiences  and inspire them take leadership in proper waste management and urban gardening.


The Hipsters of Nature team is skilled  youth and  volunteers engagement facilitators.


Workshop with children on recycled art crafts in Keta sponsored by Meet Me There Eco lodge

We integrate eco arts  with environmental topics  for youth centered educational programmes

Lets help you and your youth volunteer engagement strategies  sorted.

Join the adventure. Reach out to us via

Grow and eat your own food

One of the most common question we are asked is whether  you can  make your  own  garden with minimum space? The answer is yes!

Hipsters of Nature offer training on how to make your own multi-storey garden in sacs or recycled containers. You can join our garden walks in the Nima community and be inspired about how  a local women group in Nima called Mothers club are leading community members in greening their homes using sacs and recycled containers.

Below are before and after pictures of some gardens in the Nima community.      poster

14352550_296775587356135_1147470855394244467_o     37161268_625795974454093_8375843773808115712_n


You can reach  us at



Back to the roots

A thought provoking exhibition by Hipsters of Nature about sustainable packaging and plastic pollution opens at the Afia Beach hotel , Accra on the 21st April, 2018.

The exhibition entitled , ” Back to our roots” is part of a programme for Earth Day event scheduled on 21st April, 2018 at Afia Beach Hotel.

The exhibition takes the viewer through the journey of packaging in Ghana from past to present generation through several installations. Additionally the exhibition highlights the importance of passing on eco -friendly values of old traditions to the younger generation

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”Hani W)loo”

The picture  on the right was taken by Divine Agborli, a photographer from Ghana at the Korle na Beach in Accra. You may not be living close to this beach, however, we are  all connected to it. This is because the fish we eat comes from the sea. What happens to the water and fish affects us,. More so, we are part of the food chain.
Hani w) loo is a local word in the Ga language which means let’s collect. The idea behind the name means that every citizen of Ghana should join hands to help solve the problem of beach pollution.

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Invasive species in Africa

An invasive species is a species which is non- native , usually dominant, highly competitive with native species  can cause damage to plants, animals and livelihoods of humans (ISAC 2006)

Many invasive species were introduced intentionally or by accident.  Some species were used with good intentions such as to restore degraded lands but turned out to be problematic. The Water Hyacinth also scientifically known as  Eichhornia crassipes is an invasive plant species  on the Volta lake(Appenteng, 2014).  The plant  is originally from Amazonas, Brazil and was introduced to Africa because of it ornamental purpose.  Water Hyacinth grows fast and forms a dense cover on the surface of water.These characteristics of the plants hinders transportation of boats, serves as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and blocks channels for irrigation( FAO 2002). Invasive species cost lots of money to control and can affect the livelihood of local people.

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March for science in Accra

This year’s World Earth Day was all about environment and climate literacy. Accra was among the cities across the world that observed this day.


Participants at March for science, Afia Beach hotel.

The event was organised by March for Science Accra, Afia Beach Hotel and Hipsters of Nature on 22nd April 2017 at Afia Beach Hotel, Accra. About 200 people gathered at the hotel to participate in the event.  The programme featured  speakers, educators,  and researchers who discussed their works in areas such as illegal mining, waste management, climate change and urban gardening with participants.

Rufai Zakari, a known artist from Nima, supervised participants in a mural art work using waste such as plastic bottles  and car tyres.


The Asiri Mask(Secret Mask) exhibition by Rufai Zakari

The programme was participatory and fun. One participant at the programme said, I shall attend the event next year, I would like to see more of such programmes in Ghana to create more awareness on water pollution”


Participants designing the mural art piece.

18121737_264181573985518_305462818291786341_o (1)

Divine Agborli, Project Coordinator of Hipsters of nature making a presentation on Urban gardening

Contact us for more information ,if you would like to get involved in the  next event.

Environmental literacy a powerful tool in attaining the sustainable development goals in Ghana.

The Theme for this year’s World Earth Day is environment and climate literacy.  Ghana cannot achieve its sustainable development goals without promoting  environmental literacy of its citizens.

The United Nations  reports that , every nation need to empower all its citizens in environmental literacy to ensure the protection of the environment. Environmental literacy must integrate socio-economic, practical and multi-disciplinary  approaches to produce effective results.
Hipsters of Nature is joining hands with Women’s March in Ghana and Afia Beach for Accra’s version of World’s Earth Day. This year’s activity is unique as it gives the opportunity for participants to learn about  current environmental issues in Ghana and engage them in community action.

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Mothers club of Nima makes Nima Green

Mothers Club of Nima can be likened to Wangari Maathai and the  Green Belt movement in Kenya .The club  is a local NGO in Nima made up of 50 women who are involved in women empowerment in sanitation, reproductive rights and urban gardening.The  organization is mobilizing people in Nima to participate in the Green Nima movement , a  project  sponsored by the German Development Cooperation which encourages people to grow and eat their own food. The Green Nima Movement encourages people with less space to grow  vegetables and fruits in sacs.


Zucchini  plant growing  in a sac in a household at Nima

These women have  trained  about 300 people to  making their own gardens  in sacs.They visit  households in Nima  and teach them about how to  nurse seedlings,irrigation and the use of indigenous crops. Through the Green Movement about 500 fruit and vegetable gardens have been established in housholds and schools in Nima , which promotes food security and sustainable development.


Mothers club nursing seeds in plastic bags

Mothers club of Nima is sending signals to Ghanaians that if gardens can be created in Nima, which is highly populated with minimal open spaces then growing your own food is possible anywhere. The group collaborated with a local artist , Alewa to compose a grooving song entitled Green Movement which is on you tube:

Connecting children to Nature

Today, it is unfortunate that most children in the cities lack playgrounds and green spaces to play in. Due to rising population and lack of land in urban areas, more cities and schools have less playgrounds and less green spaces. Research has proven that linking children to green spaces helps them to show love and care to the environment .Children’s contact with nature encourages fantasy and creativity.

This is what the Green Nima Movement project sponsored by the German Development Cooperation seeks to achieve. The project is being implemented in 5 schools and 250 households in Nima. The selected schools lack green spaces and have concrete playgrounds

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