Launching Green Nima Movement

Hipsters of Nature in collaboration with the German Cooperation and Mothers club of Nima is launching the Green Nima Movement Project on 11th June, 2016 at 9:30 a.m  at  Nima Community Library .

sac pic.jpg

Mothers Club of Nima with Hipsters of Nature members being trained in construction of Multi storey gardens


The theme of the Green Nima Movement is on:’ Addressing poverty and malnutrition through Multi Storey Gardens’.

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It is time to make your own garden

Hipsters of Nature enjoys interviewing inspiring people and sharing their stories.

Claire  Hazoume  is the owner of  an organic backyard farm she calls Ze Little Farm in Ghana. She tells us what inspires her to grow her own food.


Claire harvesting some green pepper from her garden

She has a small hen coop for rearing   fowls, she grows red pepper, cucumber, basil, lemon grass, plantain, coco yam and lettuce. She enriches her soil with chicken droppings and organic waste from a fruit farm. She reuses discarded plastic bottles or containers for nursing seeds.


She explains that eating from her garden  is fresher, more nutritious, and tastes better than store-bought food—and she always beat the price.

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Launching of the Sankofa Bottle

Hipsters of Nature is unvieling the new name of our bottle sculpture at Mawuli Senior High School.
Our bottle sculpture is now called the Sankofa bottle.The name Sankofa is an adinkra symbol. It is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates as going back to take what is forgotten is not a taboo. We want to change the mind set of Ghanaians, to regard waste not as a problem but as a potential resource and promote the goal of a zero waste society. Currently, we have the Sankofa bottle at Alliance Française, Accra and Lycee’ International school at East Legon for collection of bottles. The collected bottles are recycled by Skyplast company and reused by Hipsters of Nature to demonstrate multi-storey gardens to students and households in Nima.


Mawuli Senior High School is the First runner for the national school  climate change drawing contest toward COP 21. The program was sponsored by the European Union, British High Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Art work by 1st runner up  and 2nd runner up respectively



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Garden Walk

Hipsters of Nature celebrates World Environment Day, every year in June. This year we are celebrating the day by promoting urban gardening and waste segregation.
We are inviting the public to join us in a walk to selected households in Nima that are participating in our multi-storey garden project.
Multi- Storey Garden refer to gardening in containers such as sacks, PET bottles or cans for minimising land and water use.

The event comes off on June 4, 2016 at Nima Community library at 10a.m and ends at 11a.m.The walk will be accompanied with a brassband. Come in your white tshirts, sneakers and a placard with a message.

Contact us on 0209598897 or 0501301638 for sponsorship and participation. Follow our face book  event page via the link:

Get involved. Spread the green movement message.

Green Movement

Hipsters of Nature in collaboration with Mother’s club of Nima, German Corporation is launching the Green Movement project at Nima. The project involves training 250 households and 5 schools in the Nima community on Multi-Storey Gardens(MSG).


A member of Mother’s club of Nima Showing Hipsters of Nature a multi-storey garden in her house.

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Hipsters of Nature on BBC

We excited to be featured on BBC news on how we are using arts and music as a tool in promoting Reduction, Re using and Recycling in Ghana.

We are grateful to  Christian Parkinson  and Isaac  Essel of BBC, students of Mount Zion 1955 school, Nima who were the  super models of  the eco fashion show, the teachers, the Hipsters of Nature volunteers, fashion designer, Bibie for guiding the students to make their own costumes and Alliance Française  for making the  eco fashion show a success.

Send us your comments about the video.


This is the 2nd Edition of  Paillote Takpekpe event which was very successfully conceived and executed by Wanlov the Kubolor in collaboration with the Alliance Francaise.  The event comes off on 24th February, 2016 at 7pm to 9pm at Alliance Française, Accra.

To be in the spirit you must come with a recycled accessory or recycled costume. Best guest costume/accessory wins a special prize.

For edutainment; Amateur Musicians, Filmmakers, Fashion Designers & Artists will be in live categorized competitions for cash prizes.

Individuals & Companies will come and present their environmentally conscious innovations & practices.

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Walk for solar

The word Dumsor has become so popular in Ghana  and even beyond. Musicians and  Poets have  made songs and rap about it, even pastors organise all night service for their congregation to pray for divine intervention to this problem.

Many Environmental activists and NGOs like Ghana Youth Environment Movement, Green Africa Youth Organisation, Ghana Youth Climate Coalition are campaigning for our government to invest in clean energy such as Solar energy.However, policy, promotion and financing of solar energy has not been fully exploited in the midst of abundant sunlight.Rwanda , for instance has completed a  $23.7 million solar energy project, one begin to wonder what Ghana is waiting for.

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Noise terrorism

What is Noise Pollution?The traditional definition of noise is “unwanted or disturbing sound”.  Problems related to noise include stress related illnesses, high blood pressure, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and lost productivity.

Nowadays it is advisable to stay away from churches and mosques when looking for accommodation . This shouldn’t be the case because the church or mosque is seen as peaceful place. Imagine you can’t sleep  because every night a school park near your house is being taken over by a mass of people  who hold all night prayer service .Noise pollution has engulfed every corner of the city,  with increasing siting of churches in residential areas.

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What price do we put on the environment?

Ecosystem services are the benefits provided by ecosystems that contribute to making human life both possible and worth living.( For instance, one can go to Krokrobite beach and enjoy the  nice view of the ocean which is not traded in the market.

Bees work very hard to pollinate plants but do we know the value of the services they provide?

The problem with ecosystem services is that, although people value them, no one person has an incentive to pay to maintain  the services. For example if a wetland is filled to construct a house and results in flooding affecting innocent people. The environment or these people are generally not compensated for the damages they suffer. Watch  Pavan Sukhdev,  nature’s banker talk more about putting value on nature.

Wet lands reduce impacts from floods, they are  ground water chargers,  provide homes for wild life; help mitigate against climate change and  serve as purifiers for pollutants in the soil.Two  examples of sustainable use of a wetlands in Ghana are Pambros salt factory at Weija and Bojo beach resort.

Bojo beach hotel

Bojo beach hotel

Pambros  salt factory  is a great place  for bird watching.

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