”Hani W)loo”

The picture  on the right was taken by Divine Agborli, a photographer from Ghana at the Korle na Beach in Accra. You may not be living close to this beach, however, we are  all connected to it. This is because the fish we eat comes from the sea. What happens to the water and fish affects us,. More so, we are part of the food chain.
Hani w) loo is a local word in the Ga language which means let’s collect. The idea behind the name means that every citizen of Ghana should join hands to help solve the problem of beach pollution.

Hipsters of Nature and Stratcomm Africa are joining hands with the European Union delegation in Ghana to organise a beach clean up as part of the latter’s Climate diplomacy week celebration.
The beach cleaning up is one of a kind, because it involves using, the arts such as music, drama and mural painting to raise awareness about keeping our beaches clean and negative effects of pollution on our environment.
The theme for the programme is: “Plastic Waste Collection and Reuse for Better Life”.
Time: 8a.m to 4pm
Venue: Korle Na Beach near Fire service training school, Accra
This is an all- participation event, come and let’s exchange knowledge, it doesn’t  matter who you are. We are nature and nature is part of us!
Contact Divine, the programme coordinator on 0209598897 or via email on hipstersofnature@gmail.com