Connecting children to Nature

Today, it is unfortunate that most children in the cities lack playgrounds and green spaces to play in. Due to rising population and lack of land in urban areas, more cities and schools have less playgrounds and less green spaces. Research has proven that linking children to green spaces helps them to show love and care to the environment .Children’s contact with nature encourages fantasy and creativity.

This is what the Green Nima Movement project sponsored by the German Development Cooperation seeks to achieve. The project is being implemented in 5 schools and 250 households in Nima. The selected schools lack green spaces and have concrete playgrounds

Hipsters of Nature is delighted to be part of the Green Nima Movement project and work with Mothers Club of Nima, a grassroots NGO, to mobilize  people to grow and eat their own food. Hipsters of Nature works with teachers and school children to construct gardens in sacks, employ the use of music, painting, dancing and poetry to promote creativity in kids. We encourage the kids to participate by feeling the soil, plants, examining earthworms and insects which destroy their plants. We believe that engaging the school children with gardening will encourage them to have interest in environmental issues and protect nature.


A student using a magnifying glass to observe insects eating their crops.

There is a competition for the school with best garden and creativity. The winner gets a prize of a Graffiti painting by one of Ghana’s leading Graffiti and Eco artist, Rufai Zakari.

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