Environmental literacy a powerful tool in attaining the sustainable development goals in Ghana.

The Theme for this year’s World Earth Day is environment and climate literacy.  Ghana cannot achieve its sustainable development goals without promoting  environmental literacy of its citizens.

The United Nations  reports that , every nation need to empower all its citizens in environmental literacy to ensure the protection of the environment. Environmental literacy must integrate socio-economic, practical and multi-disciplinary  approaches to produce effective results.
Hipsters of Nature is joining hands with Women’s March in Ghana and Afia Beach for Accra’s version of World’s Earth Day. This year’s activity is unique as it gives the opportunity for participants to learn about  current environmental issues in Ghana and engage them in community action.

The morning session of the programme will involve presentations and discussions representatives from government institutions and active environmental NGOs advocating for clean energy, climate change action and clean Ghana.The afternoon session of the event is a task challenge in a community mural art work. Four teams will be created which are: plastic bottle team, plastic bag, coconut shell team, and car tyre team. The teams will be involved in collection of various type waste such as coconut shells, car tyre and plastic waste from the beach. All teams will come together to create a mural art work from the trash collected from the beach to create a recycling awareness statement.This part of the event will be supervised by one of Ghana’s finest mural artist called Rufai Zakari.

The time for the event is 10a.m
The Venue is the Afia Beach Hotel which is located near MUSIGA office. You may contact us on Telephone via 020 959 8897 or 024 614 8975 or email: hipstersofnature@gmail.com for fmore information about the event.


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