Accra’s most eco-friendly hotel

Wikipedia defines an Eco hotel as an accommodation that has made important environmental improvements to its structure in order to minimize its impact on the environment.  Afia Beach Hotel is one of such hotels. The  serene ocean front of the hotel  offers you a peaceful retreat from the daily activity of life in this busy Accra city.Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, in a gentle bay sweeping from Ghana’s Presidential Castle to Jamestown Fishing Harbor and Lighthouse, Afia Beach Hotel is ideally located to meet the needs and interests of business travelers and tourists alike.

The CEO of the hotel, Madam Helen List has implemented wonderful environmentally friendly initiatives in her hotel to reduce impacts and change employee and customer behaviour.

The hotel has initiated a policy of serving water to customers in water dispensers and re usable glass cups. The CEO mentioned that this  was very difficult to implement at the beginning since most customers preferred drinking  beverages and water in plastic bottles. She always explain to  her customers the consequences of plastic bottles on our environment while some agree with her others are reluctant to change their behaviour.

  The hotel also “greened” its guest rooms by changing light bulbs to energy efficient ones and recycling waste water by using it to water lawns and gardens  and this initiative has helped  saved water and energy at the hotel.

One of the major challenges faced by  the hotel  is marine litter. The CEO mentioned that no matter how many times she organises a beach clean up, the ocean brought more trash to the shore. She further explained that about 90 % of marine litter comes from inland, coming from waste dumped into the small drains which joins the bigger drains and finally enters the sea.


Some litter found on the beach


She mentioned that a clean environment is very critical to the development of the tourism industry  and a healthy environment. She mentioned that the government should invest in sustainable use  of plastic waste . She doesn’t agree that  the use of biodegradable plastic is the solution to plastic menace in the country since the plastic will break into pieces and swallowed by the fishes which will end up in the food chain.

Afia Beach is organising a beach clean up exercise on 17th September, 2016 which is World Coastal clean-up  Day and calling on everyone to join in the exercise.