It is time to make your own garden

Hipsters of Nature enjoys interviewing inspiring people and sharing their stories.

Claire  Hazoume  is the owner of  an organic backyard farm she calls Ze Little Farm in Ghana. She tells us what inspires her to grow her own food.


Claire harvesting some green pepper from her garden

She has a small hen coop for rearing   fowls, she grows red pepper, cucumber, basil, lemon grass, plantain, coco yam and lettuce. She enriches her soil with chicken droppings and organic waste from a fruit farm. She reuses discarded plastic bottles or containers for nursing seeds.


She explains that eating from her garden  is fresher, more nutritious, and tastes better than store-bought food—and she always beat the price.

Growing your own garden or participating in a community garden is a great way to improve your health, help build a sustainable food system, and support our planet as it struggles to make room for increasing numbers of us. Food grown in your own garden


Ze Little Farm

You may not be blessed with a huge space to grow food, look no further, be creative and maximise the small space you have around you.

Our officers and volunteers  with the assistance of Mr.  Samuel Nii Tackie , the first  certified organic farmer in Ghana have been teaching  people living in Nima how to grow food in sacs or discarded containers. Stay tuned to this page as we look forward to share with you  pictures and simple gardening methods in containers.