Green Movement

Hipsters of Nature in collaboration with Mother’s club of Nima, German Corporation is launching the Green Movement project at Nima. The project involves training 250 households and 5 schools in the Nima community on Multi-Storey Gardens(MSG).


A member of Mother’s club of Nima Showing Hipsters of Nature a multi-storey garden in her house.

MSG refer to gardening in containers such as sacks, PET bottles or cans for minimising land and water use. With the help of community facilitators, the participants in the project will experiment with a number of ways how to grow vegetables such as, okra or lettuce and fruits such as passion fruits using locally available materials for the containers and for the substrate (compost, chicken manure, sand, gravel). Participants will learn how to obtain seeds from vegetables and fruits in the market and how to cultivate seedlings from them. Participants will be encouraged to segregate their waste such as plastic , organic and paper and recycle them.

At the end of the project it is expected that at least 1000 households will have been trained in multi-storey gardening, nutrition and how to be self-reliant. It is also expected that these households and schools will also be able to generate some income from the implementation of the MSG. By the consumption of the self-grown vegetables and fruits as well as with the income earned, these households will be able to provide good nutrition to the household members and students. The project kick starts in April, 2016.


Mother’s club of Nima is an NGO promoting sanitation and healthy living in among women in Nima


On June 5th, 2016 we are celebrating World Environment Day 2016 by organising garden walks in Nima Community. Students will march on the streets with brass band and placards with messages on green revolution.

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