Plastic and its abuse in Ghana.

The Minister of Environment, Science , Technology and Innovation recently announced that ,  the use of polythene products below 20 microns  has been banned. He added: “You see the ones that they put Gari (kulikuli), those products – the plain, transparent ones – you see that they are so light and when the wind blows they float, it’s because they have very low microns and they are so light so managing it is so difficult so we need to increase the micron level.”

There are different kind of plastics in Ghana, the ones that are currently a nuisance to the environment which should be critically looked at are PET bottles and single use  black polythene bags made from recycled ”pure water sachets”.


A good example of proper recycling is what Trashy bags company is doing in Ghana. They recycle pure water sachets, ice cream wrappers and banners  are into  bags and purse  which can be used for a longer time.

bag made from plastic sachets

bag made from plastic sachets

The CEO of Afia Beach hotel, Helen List  operates a hotel near the Labadi beach . One of the major problem she faces operating her facility at such location is plastic pollution . From her research, she explained that the waste we see at the beach are  from the smaller drains in Accra that enters the sea. She further stated that no matter how may times she cleans the beach the waves brought more garbage back.
borla beach

Shopping centres give a lot of plastic packaging as a way to show appreciation to their customers. It is about time citizens become more responsible towards the environment. In Rwanda, businesses have been forced to replace plastic carrier bags with paper ones.

Citizens can be make a responsible commitment towards the environment by  shopping with their  own shopping bags to avoid taking excessive plastic packaging.

Bolga basket

Bolga basket

The  Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology  and Innovation should bring out a policy that will regulate plastic manufacturing in Ghana so that the polluter pay principle works.

Do you agree that black plastic bag should be banned in Ghana?