Massive demolitions exercise at Pokuase and Amasaman

The June 3 flood and fire disasters which claimed over 150 lives has resulted in  a massive demolition exercise in  several parts of  Greater Accra.  The Accra Metropolitan Assembly started the exercise, however, some other municipalities have joined in. Residents of  Pokuase and Amasaman in the Ga West Municipality were not spared. Hundreds of shop owners and residents have been displaced.Structures without building permits along the Pokuase- Nsawam high way and under high tensions are currently being destroyed.

Security forces fully armed with their riot control equipment were present watching as the bulldozers down the properties of  shop owners and land lords. The victims, apparently terrified and subdued by the presence of the security forces look on with pity as their properties crumble.

a storey building demolished

a storey building demolished

Carpenters were quickly dismantling  people’s shops ear marked for demolitions before bulldozers crushed them to the ground. Scrap dealers were making good business as they collected scraps such as wood , metals and aluminium sheets from the debris.


People are not happy about the manner in which that the exercise is being  conducted since there are complaints about the Assembly being bias since there are existing fuel stations that have been left in the road way.

Scrap dealers collecting Aluminium sheets from debris

Scrap dealers collecting Aluminium sheets from debris

Most of these fuel service station have permits from the Assembly and demolition of these structures will mean massive compensation on the part of the Assembly to them.

A tractor demolishing illegal structures in road way

A tractor demolishing illegal structures in road way

While some people felt sympathy for the affected victims others blamed them for being lawless. So many questions are cropping up such as:

Why should the Assembly wait until people construct and complete their buildings in unauthorised places before they are demolished?

Is the demolition exercise going to  be fair?


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