Accra is one of the cities in Ghana transforming rapidly in terms of high rising buildings. This is due to increasing population and less availability of land.
High Rise vertical constructions could be a solution to accommodation problems as it could help ease pressure on land but the question one will ask is, do these building blend into our environmental conditions?
blue diamond

Ghana is currently facing power outages hence in these times one will construct a building that can efficiently conserve energy.

One of the major global environmental issues is climate change. We need to plant more trees to mitigate against the effect of climate change and to create a cool temperature in this hot climate.

Denmark is one of the countries performing very well in constructing sustainable buildings. You will find houses with ecologically benign materials, a rooftop of solar panels, and energy-scrimping designs which generates more than enough power to run itself.

wave buildings

The picture above is a great piece of architecture in Vejle, Denmark. The architects of this “Wave” building in Denmark describe it as resembling waves during the day and mountains in the evenings.
We can learn from what other countries are doing but it is always best to use a design that is suitable to our climatic or environmental conditions.