Environmental Artist from Nima

Today our spotlight is on one of own, Rufai Zakari. He was born in Nima, Accra in 1990. He graduated from Ghanatta college of Arts in 2011 and the creative director of Hipsters of Nature. His work revolves around the hardships of urban life and the ills of over- consumption.

Rufai Zakari

Rufai Zakari

Two days ago, we visited him at his art studio at Nima in the Accra Metropolis to chat on what his got going next.

HON: How do you come up with ideas for your plastic waste installation about the first president of Ghana?
RZ:To me as an artist I consider things that are around me to be an issue both positive and negative. Sanitation has been the major negative issue I see within my community and most of this is caused by the high consumption of plastic bags. Using of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s image is to gain the understanding of my people and also inspire the youth to be more creative in any aspect.
Plastic waste installation of Kwame Nkrumah
The easy way to introduce my people to art is to begin with images. The whole idea is to reduce the consumption of plastic bags and also sensitize them on how to handle plastic bags in a safe way.

HON: What motivates your work?
RZ: What motivate me is the activities and issues of everyday life.

HON: sometimes you use people’s walls in your community as a Canvas, how are you able to convince them to volunteer their home?
RZ:Is difficult but it depends on the kind of message you want to project.
Wall paintings
I make sure my work interact with the people and show a positive impact within their practice. If people really appreciate your work, no one will ever deny you of using their wall.

There are many artist in Ghana. How unique is work?
What made me unique is the kind of message I present to the public and the inclusion of my culture as part of my work.

HON:You also designed some recycled costumes for an Eco-fashion show. How was the reaction from people?

RZ: We all want to see the best things in our environment and the little that you do to improve the nature of our environment people will appreciate you a lot.



What make my work interest others is by using waste to create a useful object. Most of those who approaches me want me to be part of their event that shows a positive feedback

HON: As a creative director of Hipsters of Nature what plans do you have for 2015?

RZ: Being a creative director is not an easy job to carry, it is a big task but I hope all the plans decide together will be achieved this year 2015 and make sure we made a huge impact with our activities in Ghana. We shall be working on an installation made from 10,000 plastic waste to create awareness about recycling.Hipsters of nature is a platform to all humanity as long as your contribution will make a positive impact on our environment.
We have exciting events coming up for this year so everybody should like our on face book page and get updated.