World Environment Day Challenge 2014

To Mark World Environment Day (WED 2014) on the 5th June, Hipsters of Nature organised a competition for school children on Labadi Beach to launch our new plastic bottle recycling stations coming to Accra.

The programme started at 12pm and after dividing the students into groups of five we gave each student gloves to collect as many bottles as they could on the beach in return for great prizes. The students were extremely excited about the idea and even though the rain starting coming down they raced down the beach!

The race has began

The race has began

In less than 20 minutes they were able to collect more than 1900 bottles at the beach and after rinsing them they were put in a special recycling awareness installation designed by Hipsters of Nature.

The bottles were piling up

The bottles were piling up

The kids also engaged in a dance competition and winners of both events were handed prizes by Miss Tourism Ghana 2013 who is helping to promote eco tourism and recycling in Ghana.


The bottle installation is currently Alliance FrancaiseĀ  for people to deposit in their used bottles.


The event was made possible with the generous contributions from the following sponsors: